For groups of any size, Advanced Systems has the equipment, staff and experience to handle your disc jockey needs. Please see see the additional pages relating to Wedding and Corporate Events for detailed information.

The following are some of the options that Advanced Systems has to offer to enhance your event.  Our option #1 is our most popular enhancement for weddings and medium sized corporate events.  These prices are applicable only as an add on to an Advanced Systems base disc jockey service.

Base Disc Jockey System

  • professional disc jockey – appropriately attired, trained  and experienced in entertaining
  • commercial audio system – suited to your occasion and venue
  • music library – something for everyone
  • alphabetical listing – to help make it easy when requesting music
  • unlimited playing time – at no additional charge

OPTION 1 – Dance Floor Lighting System, $100

Lighting system – two led lighting  panels and two moving effects to enhance the energy of the dance floor.  Industrial Multi colour led panels that react to the beat of the music to give you a nice clean wash or colour and light on the dance floor

OPTION 2 – Dance Floor Effect Lighting System, $450

Effect lighting system – – 4 led lighting  panels to enhance the energy of the dance floor.   Industrial Multi colour led panels that react to the beat of the music to give you a nice clean wash or colour and light on the dance floor,
2 moving head intelligent led fixtures to project coloured light shapes which move across your dance floor and around the room to the beat of the music,
2 led beam light effects to project multi coloured light spots on the dance floor to the beat of the music.
All set up on 16 feet of truss to provide the ultimate in Dance floor lighting.

OPTION 3 – Projector and Screen with Laptop or DVD, $150

Have your guests admire you and those close to your heart with a digital slideshow at your dance or reception.  We will provide you with a LCD projector, screen and a laptop or DVD player that can be used to view a power point or DVD picture show of your family and friends.

OPTION 4 – Additional Projectors and Screens, $100 each

This is an add on to OPTION 3 if you would  like to add extra projectors and screens to the room so everyone can see your video or slide show.  We hook the same laptop or dvd player up to additional projectors and screens.

OPTION 5 – Flat Screen TV Monitors, $100 each

If space is an issue and you still want to show photos to your guests we can set up one or more flat screen TVs (32” or 42”) with the same content on all screens.  This works very well to show a slide show behind the bar set up as people are ordering drinks. This comes complete with a sharp looking truss stand.

OPTION 6 – LED Back drop, $220

Enhance the look of your head table with your choice of 24′ white or black pleated drape 8-12′  high with six 1 meter led bars to wash drape in any colour you want for a back drop.  This also provides an elegant background for photos.

OPTION 7 – Room Uplight, $200

The soft light of LED fixtures adds an elegant ambiance to any room.  We will provide you with and install 12 bars of  LED light to wash walls, ceilings or drape with a color of your choice.

OPTION 8 – Ceremony Sound System, $200

We can provide the same quality sound to your ceremony as we do for your dance.  Our ceremony sound system can be used indoors or out.  This includes 12 Channel sound board, 2 self powered speakers, 1 wireless lapel microphone, cd player, connection for an MP3 player or laptop computer, microphone and stand for soloist, and direct connection for guitars, keyboards and whatever else you may need.

Option 9 – Audience Response System, $500

Have the guests at a reception become game show contestants.  Your guests can show how much they know about the Bride and Groom with custom trivia challenges. Multiple choice questions appear on the screens and in real time the guests make their choice by keying in their response on their remote controls. This option includes 20 response devices.

Option 10 – Podiums

While your venue will most likely provide a podium on your special day, we do offer an improvement over the standard wooden podium (which blocks the view of your beautiful formal wear).
Clear or translucent black, $100
Clear with LCD TV, $200