Virtual Event Consultant

Here are a few thoughts, as someone facing the issues of turning live meetings into digital offerings. Creating a virtual experience to “replace” an in-person event is not just a copy and paste process. Rather than trying to “replace” the live event, think of it as creating something entirely new. And, yes, while your costs will be lower using this medium, that does not mean the value of the experience is diminished. We work with a variety of platform such as Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, MS Teams, etc and our partner, Advanced Systems has the experienced technicians, licenses and studio if needed, ready for your next virtual meeting.
It is recommended that you work with a coordinator, with experience, to bridge the gap between the planning of your digital meeting and the technician (host) operating the event online. We can provide this service and are happy to provide you a quote based on your specific event size, complexity and duration.

Virtual Technology
The ability to provide video training in this current age is invaluable. We can accommodate single stream, 2 way and multi way communication from participants across the globe. With high definition cameras, audio and video conferencing equipment, Advanced Systems provides exceptional quality and communication across multiple platforms of your choice. We specialize in Zoom and many other platforms and have the licensing in place for any size event. Have a presentation and presenter you’d like to broadcast? A webinar with multiple guests? An AGM? Working with ourselves and Innovative Planning Inc., Digital Consultants will help you realize the potential of a seamless online event.

Client Feedback
“We wanted our virtual event to feel as special, and professional, as an in-person event, but had no idea where to start. Wendy of Innovative Planning Inc., provided the upfront planning and backstage management that helped us achieve our goals. Our team loved the experience and our audience was impressed. Thanks Wendy!” Anne-Marie McElrone, Partnership Development, Dartmouth Family Centre/Dartmouth North Community Food Centre
“Innovative Planning made our virtual conference experience easy and informative for both the organizers and the delegates. The technology for the meeting was seamless, from one presenter to the next. We had very positive feedback from the delegates. I would highly recommend Innovative Planning for anyone who needs a virtual conference organized.” Dr. Debra Currie, Optometrist, FYI Doctors & CE Chair, Nova Scotia Association of Optometrists